Welcome to Zhuhai

Welcome to Zhuhai

Zhuhai, literally meaning Pearl-Sea, is so named because it is located where the Pearl River flows into the South China Sea. It was established as a municipality in 1979 and was designated by China's Central Government as a special economic zone in 1980. The total land area of the city is 1,736.46 square kilometers, the sea area being 6,050 square kilometers, with a coastline of 224.5 kilometers and a permanent population of 1,765,400, among whom 1,187,000 have household registration. Under the jurisdiction of the city are the three Administrative Districts of Xiangzhou, Jinwan and Doumen, which are composed of five Economic Function Zones, including the Hengqin Zone, the Gaolangang Zone, the Hitech Zone, the Bonded Zone, and the Wanshan Zone. The Port of Gongbei in the city is the biggest land border port in China.

Zhuhai borders Hong Kong to the east and Macau to the south, with the mountains and the sea embracing each other and the mainland and the islands facing one another. The city is thus reputedly known as a City of 100 Islands. The air quality and other ecological environment indicators have consistently stood in the forefront of the country. Zhuhai has therefore won such titles as a National Ecological Garden City, an Advanced Collective in the China Ecological Civilization Award, a National Forest City, and a Leisure Tourism Demonstration City of China. The city is a propitious place where outstanding people have come forth one after another. Among the many Zhuhai celebrities in modern times were Su Zhaozheng, one of the early important leaders of the Communist Party of China, Yang Paoan, one of the pioneers who spread Marxism systematically in China's south, Lin Weimin, a famous leader of the early Chinese workers' movement, Rong Hong (or Yung Wing), one of Chinese students to study abroad the earliest, Tang Shaoyi, the first premier of the ROC Cabinet, and Tang Guoan, the first president of Tsinghua University.

Since China introduced the policy of reform and opening up, Zhuhai has, adhering to the mission of exploration and to giving first priority to ecological conservation, developed from a backward small border town into a modern garden-style coastal city with a beautiful environment, convenient transportation and increasingly perfect urban functions. The Chimelong International Ocean Resort, Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort, the Lingding coastline at the Dong’ao Island and the Huangyang Mountain are just the perfect destinations for tourists to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.The prestigious biennial China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, the superb acrobatics at the annual China International Circus Festival, the fascinating WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai, the Mozart International Youth Music Week and the Beach Music Festival offer one great treat after another to our visiting friends.

As one of the Special Economic Zones first established in China and with the development in the past 38 years, Zhuhai has significantly increased its overall strength, scoring a coordinated development of its industrial system. In terms of infrastructure, it now boasts a perfect transportation system consisting of an airport, a sea port, expressways, and intercity rail, making it easily accessible to all major cities in China's mainland and to Hong Kong and Macao.The 55-kilometre Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which spans the Pearl River Estuary and connects Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau, is the world's longest sea-crossing bridge, making Zhuhai the focus of world attention and providing a powerful engine for Zhuhai's take-off.

Zhuhai is a city that creates miracles every day, one that you will fall in love with once you set foot on it. We are right here waiting for you to witness the miracles and share the romance.

You are welcome to Zhuhai!